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Out of the Darkness - Cause & Effect | No Redemption

By: Melissa T.

Well I read "Out of the Darkness" I have to say some parts of the book I would have named it "Into the Darkest of Darkness" I started reading it Saturday. I tried putting it down a few times only to hear "voices in my head" taunting me. You know you want to know what happens next pick up the book keep reading. Yes I finished it in one day! It drew me in and kept me there the whole time. Facebook not only connected me to another cousin I haven't spoke to since we were young teenageers it also connected me to a very talented writer. My dear cousin, keep writing and I'll keep reading. Can't wait to read more of your books. Congrats to a well written story!

Out of the Darkness - No Redemption

By: Melissa G.

This is a new author for me, and the first book I've read by him. I was intrigued by the blurb, but didn't expect to care much about his characters, a bunch of murderers. It takes skill as a writer to make me care about what happened to a trio of murderers. It's graphic and intense, and at times, I found it very dark. However, the element of hope runs all the way through it, as you find yourself rooting for the characters to find redemption. Themes of abuse, mental illness, and new beginnings run throughout. He set the scene wonderfully, with sensory descriptions that didn't intrude on the storytelling. The setting almost becomes a character during parts of the book, and you almost felt like you were in the swamps of Louisiana. Not for the squeamish, but worth it in the end.

A Patriot's Call

By: Peyton F.

A very interesting book! a fictional story that is based on facts, the author J. Stoute wrote this story line so well that at times I had to tell myself that this is a fictional story not a journal. Very well written! A Patriot's Call is the first book that I have read by this author and now I will move on to one of his others.

A Patriot's Call

By: Jim Grieme

"A Patriot's Call" is not a comfortable book to read. Written in a more "third-person God view," Stoute's book moves very quickly through his story--almost too quickly. While the characters are not presented with a great deal of depth and dimension, Stoute has managed to give the reader a more-than-adequate acquaintance with the main character as a person and a "hero." "Patriot's Call" presents its main character as someone who has been faced with a seemingly no-win situation in which his choices are limited to those of extreme prejudice. While I personally agree with the political nature of the overall story, I found some parts of the book descended into more of a political manifesto rather than the fast moving thriller the writer seemed to desire to present. Yet even though the author's politics are fairly transparent, he manages to keep his story moving forward. Stoute presents a story that is not only plausible, but he has also blurred the lines of our reality versus the fiction in his book. The author's description of the America depicted within the pages of his story could just as easily exist in the newspapers, websites and newscasts of 2015. Good people who understand the government has left its constitutional moorings find themselves drifting just as far from rational thought as the government which has overstepped its authority and engorged itself on the personal liberties of Americans. The main character in Stoute's story finds himself in the middle of atrocities rivaling those of the political elite who are hell-bent on destroying America as it was envisioned by its founders. "A Patriot's Call" is a good but uncomfortable read. Just as people are drawn to the drama of an automobile wreck, readers will find themselves mentally saying "no, no!" over and again as they see the path these characters choose. When I finished this book I felt an overwhelming sadness over the cost paid by the players in this far-too-real plot. "A Patriot's Call" depicts a shockingly high price for citizens to awake from apathy and take their country back from their government. If Stoute is presenting a plausible reality, then the apathy of many today will provide a shared culpability for tomorrow. The discomfort I felt on finishing this book is one of the main reasons I chose to give it five stars.

Out of the Darkness - Cause & Effect

By: Rebecca Lee

A very well written story about a truly heroic but flawed woman. I have been doing a great deal of reviewing lately and I enjoyed this book as much as any I have read.

Deadly Recall

By: Shimon Z. Klein

This science fiction novel is a great read. I must admit that I am not a great fan of science fiction and usually find it difficult to get into the mind of the author in order to understand what he/she is trying to describe. In the case of this author, it was no problem. I decided to give his latest novel a try. I must admit that I enjoyed reading from the first page. The story begins with a scientist, Dr. Eugene Baxter, lecturing to his students about philosophy of memory. Baxter had invented an incredible MEM - Memory Exchange Modulator. It is a monitor that is capable of monitoring a person's memory and portraying the memories on a screen. It can also be used for transferring memories from one person to another as well removing a person's active memory. The person is hooked up to the monitor with needles that are electrodes penetrating the temples. Baxter had devoted his life to inventing and perfecting this machine. He had paid his volunteers handsome sums of money to be his subjects for experimentation. In fact, one of his subjects, Joseph, who was homeless, became his assistant. He had always found subjects who were prepared to be part of his experiments. His subjects ranged from homeless, prisoners and others who had wished to be part of his research. The memories of his various subjects make fast gripping read. This is what keeps the reader's interest throughout. The amazing memories of prisoners convicted of various violent crimes are revealed on the screen, crimes that were even unknown to detectives. Here and there his research went awry and he met his life girlfriend, Mona, a teacher, as a result. Prior to that, he showed no interest in women or getting married. He was married to his research. The CIA even got wind of this MEM invention and wished to employ Baxter to work for them. This took him to all kinds of places, including Israel. What makes this book fascinating reading is that the MEM apparatus is not described in great detail nor are there any complicated descriptions of experimental procedures that could cause the reader to lose track. As surrealistic and amazing as this story is, one's interest never sags. I would recommend this book wholeheartedly to sci-fi lovers and even to those, who are lukewarm to sci-fi novels.


By: Kristi Credeur Eames

I didn't know if I would like this book for the fact that I do not like vampires or anything that seems like horror but I took the chance and I was not disappointed, I love the book! I believe the ending was to abrupt for the fact I wanted more of the story. I hope there is another book to continue their story!

Trottled Hearts

Terri Fontenot

Another great book by a very talented southern author. His portrayal of the "biker world" is very accurate and real. I was hooked from chapter one and couldn't put the book down until finished. The ending was crazy and very unexpected!! You'll just have to read it to find out. Thanks to the author for another great read.

Southern Complications

By: Nee Nee

It's really sad to know that some women really do live this way but she overcame all her obstacles and got her happy ending! It was really cool for you to include cities in our state!! Gripping storyline and I give it 5 out of 5 stars!!!